22 Maggio 2015 prototypeLAB

CORPORATION NORTHEAST / Interview with Andrea Fenili

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1. How was given the idealization of the band and how came the proposal to tap the same?
it was a natural consequence, something like an inner path. actually, PrototypeLAB are four old boys from the same small town, with different experiences but the same love for music. Now, our style is just the sum of all of this.

2.What the band mean to you and how you define PrototyLAB?
the band is something like a magic devices that makes you able to fly high with imagination.
In the same way of a magic box, if you put inside the ingredients and casting some magic spells, so you may get music and a lot of positive emotions.
Of course, you need to working hard to obtain some appreciable result and we are still working on.

3. Change, evolution or both are essential for a band?
Of course we gone through many changes along our life and our way to conceive music. I think it is a natural consequence of the maturity of every musician and of persons themselves.

4. In relation to the first paper entitled “Mea Culpa” the result was expected? as was the public response?
We self produced Mea Culpa and this meant a lot of work on each song contained inside the album. the result of this work is the distinctive sound of Prototype LAB. I want to say that I’m very pleased of result of our work and it seem the same for people who listen the album.
we have also a website of course, and you can listen all the songs of the album by this page. it’s amazing to know how many people you can reach by mean of a website. This is a good opportunity but it can be a big deal if you don’t use it properly. You know, the web may easily to transform anybody in a notorious stranger.

5. The band is the experimental pop to progressive rock, the proposal that the band passes was crucial to stand out in the music scene?
I think it’s not crucial.

6. For 20 years appeared to PrototyLAB, how the band was consolidated there were many barriers?
We are not music stars, we have a job, whifes, sons…
The hardest thing is find time, power (…and money) to play.
This is the real barrier. But thanks god we have fun as the first time.

7. Plans for a new job?
Too many plans. And not enough time!!
Aniway, we are now workin on promotion an for a videoclip.

8. Thanks
Thaks to all our followers and funs.
and to you for your patience

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